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Pixie3D is not available for download.
Currently, there has not been announced a release date yet!

To watch some of the features which Pixie3D currently offers please click here

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Written by Soren Klit Lambaek

Hi Marc,

The lite version will contain basic modelling, texturing, animating and rendering features. The pro version will contain more advanced features. On top of that the pro version will also contain basic physics simulation. At the moment I am working out a full list of features for the two version. I will post it soon.
Thanks for your interest in Pixie3D.
Written by Marc Berger

Hi. I just wanted to know the differences between the lite and the pro version.
Written by Soren Klit Lambaek

Hey Marc,

Looks like only the first part of your message got posted for some reason. I have checked my server for the missing part but can't find it. Is it possible you could repost the last part by any chance?

Written by Marc Berger

Finished watching your tutorial videos. Seems you created a neat little 3D-animation suite with a very clean gui. I also noticed that you plan to release it in two versions (lite
Written by Aelyshe Lynn Bowe